This course category hosts all the enrichment, personal and academic deveopment courses.

Personal development will explore topics related to growth and development of students.

This course is about family  and life style issues.

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Learning through the use of activities about various life skills that are necessary to everyday living.

The Learning Enrichment Programme is a course designed to provide students with the requisite skills and knowledge to effectively study and retain knowledge to which they have been exposed in their various subject areas. In the provision of these skills, participating students are expected to explore the issues that affect their ability to study and retain knowledge with the aim to implement practical solutions and develop excellent study habits.

Goals of the Programme

Having explored the issues that affect effective studying for retention and exposed to the participating students practical ways to develop good study habits, it is hoped that the students will be able to do the following in the future:

  • Develop high level proficiency and independence in reading, speaking, and listening
  • Know and apply self-management skills to direct their academic performance and life choices
  • Understand the ways in which they learn more easily and enjoyably
  • Define their own academic goals as they complete high school education
  • Know and use vital study skills and strategies they need to become confident and successful
  • Create and use study systems, think critically, concentrate, read and listen with understanding
  • Develop and implement strategies to manage their time effectively
  • Develop effective test and examination skills
  • Use skills to continue life-long learning on their own