At grade 7, Spanish is learnt at the beginners' level based on a student-paced version of the National Standards Curriculum. Students will learn to enjoy the language in different creative forms such as tongue twisters, songs and chants. As At the end of this year, students should be able to do the following among many other language tasks:

1. Explain the importance of learning Spanish; 
2. Say the letters of the alphabet;
3. Greet friends, adults, and strangers appropriately;
4. Ask and state others' name; 
5. Share personal information, and
6. Talk about their family. 

If students study and apply themselves, they will do well.

At Ascot High, Spanish is not simply a subject, but a tool for students' future endeavours as lifelong learners and global citizens. Grade 8 Spanish Language is a continuation of all that was learnt in grade 7 under the National Standards Curriculum. At the end of the academic year students should be able to:

1. describe their homes or dream home;
2. say where buildings, persons and things are located at their school; 
3. shop for a food and clothing;
4. say what they want to become; and
5. compare aspects of Jamaican and Hispanic cultures. 
If students study and apply themselves, they will do well. 

This level of Spanish is an important year for students planning to continue to do CSEC Spanish. It is the beginning of intermediate Spanish. It introduces more complex grammar structures and advanced vocabulary. At the end of this level of Spanish, students should be able to: 

 1. narrate events that occur regularly, in the present and routinely; and

2.  express a desire to do something in the future.

If students study and apply themselves, they will do well.

This is 4th year of Spanish you will be required to have Dime book 4

In Grade 8 Spanish, students are taught the continuation of Basic Spanish. Additionally, students studying Spanish at grade 8 are required to produce a little more than that they would have been required to do. At the end of Grade 8 Spanish, among many other things, students should be able to conjugate regular AR ER and IR verbs and to describe theirs and others houses.