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Problems Logging in?

Problems Logging in?

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If you have problems logging in please click the forget your username or password? link below the log input area. You will then be asked to enter your username or your email address. Please enter Either your username or your email address and click search. You will then receive an email which will attempt to confirm that it is really you who requested a change in your password by asking you to click a link contained within the email it send you. Hence you must be able to access your email. The email must be the ONE supplied at the time of registration with Mr Talbert or the Lab technician. You will have to enter your email and click the link.

After clicking that link, you will thereafter receive a second email containing your username and a new password. Copy and paste that password in the password input field so as to avoid any errors in the log in area of the site. You should now gain access to the site. You will then be required to change your password. Please remember that your password must be at least 8 characters in length and it must have at least one number, one capital letter, and one common letter.

I hope that this bit of information will help you. Click here to access the forget your username or password? page.

Admin User